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Answers to some of our most common questions. 

What does YouCast Studio do?

In short we help creative people launch, grow and monetize their podcast. We do this through consulting, design and helping podcasts record produce and syndicate their content. This includes:

  • Show planning and production
  • Podcast recording and engineering
  • Creative Services
  • Online Marketing Services

Why should I hire YouCast Studios?

Because there are lots of ways to waste money starting a podcast. Should you focus on user experience or content marketing? How can a podcast be monetized? What podcast directories should I leverage? Do I need a website for my podcast? These are just some of questions that we answer on a daily basis at YouCast Studios. You wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint, why build a podcast without one?

What is your typical process?

Typically shows go through the following process:

  • Attend a podcast workshop/masterclass to refine your idea, determine production and creative needs
  • Work with YouCast to develop a launch plan for your podcast
  • Schedule studio time to record podcast
  • YouCast edits and tags the final podcast
  • We send the podcast files to you for uploading OR we can upload it to your hosting service of choice

Do you have a list of your services?

Yep. Download it here.

Do you rent studio time?

Yes and no. Yes we rent studio time to YouCast affiliated shows. No we do no rent studio time to the general public. 

Why don't you rent studio time to the public?

We tried and it didn’t work. We found that a lot of people just wanted to try out podcasting. This would cause a lot of no-shows and poorly managed shows. In order to ensure the quality of our shows and equipment we only provide studio time to podcasts that are already in production or shows that have completed our podcast workshop. 

Do you offer mobile services?


How can I work with YouCast Studios?

Thanks…we’re honored. Just fill out our podcast affiliate application and one of our podcast advisors will contact you within 24 hrs or sooner.

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